5 Accessories that Every Home Should Have for Aging in Place

Homes for seniors aging in place, need to consider purchasing the following accessories to plan for their future health needs:

Door Levers

Traditional door knobs need to be replaced by door levers in order to make opening doors easier for hands that might be impaired.

Roll-In Showers

Traditional tubs and showers are not set up for disabled individuals. Consider installing a roll-in shower which are wheelchair accessible that use flexible water dams and thresholds that allow a wheelchair to roll over them and pop back into place to prevent water from leaking out of the shower.

Replace Carpets

Carpeting, especially carpets such as throw rugs, are hazards for tripping for people with reduced mobility. In addition, carpeting makes the use of a wheelchair more difficult. When remodeling your home with aging in place in mind, remove all carpets and replace them with solid surfaces such as hardwood or laminate flooring, tile, or some other sort of smooth surface flooring.

Seniors aging in place in Providence, RI

Grab Bars

Solid, well-installed grab bars are an essential element of aging in place design. Grab bars should be installed in the bathtub or shower, near the toilet, and any other place where a senior might need additional stability to prevent falls.

Strong Railings

Strong railings should be safely installed near any stairs or steps–even if it is just a step or two – to reduce chances of falls.

Looking for Accessories to Upgrade Your Home for Aging in Place?

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