6 Types of Essential Bathroom Home Medical Equipment for Seniors

As you age, you need to be aware of your limitations and prepare your bathroom accordingly. Because of this, you should purchase the home medical equipment and make the necessary bathroom modifications before they are needed, instead of after you have a problem.

1 – Walk-In Tub

Walk-in tubs, especially ones manufactured by Best Bath Systems, are specifically designed for seniors with limited mobility while maximizing safety and comfort. These tubs provide twice the depth, allowing the patient to sit in a comfortable seat while bathing and still getting the full-immersion bathing experience that he or she might not have thought they could ever have again.

Bathroom grab bar installed durable medical equipment for a Concord, CT area home

2 – ADL Spa

Best Bath’s ADL Spa allows the patient to maintain independence by transferring from a wheelchair, walker, or patient lift by “sliding in” to the elevated tub platform.  This design also minimizes the risk and strain for caregivers. The ADL Spa also offers many add-on features such as a 7-jet whirlpool system, touchpad controls, and numerous safety features to meet your loved one’s specific needs.

3 – Roll-In Shower

Roll-in showers allow the individual to roll the wheelchair directly into the shower to enable the individual to move to the shower seating or shower in a specially designed waterproof and rustproof shower wheelchair. This function allows the person to maintain independence while showering, and limiting the escape of water from the shower stall.

4 – Bath & Shower Seating

If you do not use a wheelchair, are still able-bodied, but have trouble standing for long periods, another option is to install bath and shower seating into your existing bathtubs and showers. This allows you to maintain independence without remodeling your bathroom or installing one of the other options listed here.

5 – Shower Bathing Trolley

For more impaired individuals, a roll-in shower or ADL Spa might not be good enough to assure the safety and accessibility that the individual needs. The SUREHANDS® Body Support – Shower Bathing Trolley is durable medical equipment (DME) that can serve as a shower stretcher, a shallow bath, or a treatment table. This battery-operated trolley can adjust its height to make it easy to transfer a patient from a bed or wheelchair into the trolley for bathing. It can then be rolled into a roll-in shower stall or used outside of it to take care of the patient.

6 – Grab Bars & Railings

Grab bars and railings are a must near toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers. You may want to install grab bars near the doorway as well.

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