6 Types of Essential Durable Medical Equipment (DME) for Seniors

As you age, your physical capabilities change. You don’t have the same coordination and balance that you used to. Common home areas, such as stairs and bathtubs, create challenges that didn’t exist when you were younger. Because of this, it is a good idea to start purchasing the home medical equipment and making home modifications before they are needed, instead of after you have issues.

1 – Grab Bars & Railings

Grab bars and railings can provide additional stability for seniors where needed in the home. Having grab bars or railings installed near toilets, bedrooms, dining rooms, and even rooms where activities occur is an inexpensive means to make your home safer as you age.

Bathroom grab bar installed durable medical equipment for a Boston area home

2 – Door Levers

Some people have trouble turning doorknobs as they age. Their hands may not have the strength and coordination to twist the knobs when necessary. A good alternative is installing door levers that can be pushed up and down to open doors without requiring fine motor skills easily.

3 – Stair Lifts

As you age, stairs will become a problem for you. If your home has stairs leading up to another level of the home, consider installing a stairlift to make moving up and down the stairs easier.

4 – Ramps

Many home designs feature one or two step-ups or step-downs to get into a specific room. These can be a huge problem, especially if you are forced to use a wheelchair at some point. You can install short aluminum ramps in these areas to help transition between the different levels within the home.

5 – Walk In Shower or Tub

As a senior, you may have limited mobility due to illness, injury, or just plain old age. And even simple movements such as lifting your leg to step into the bathtub or shower might be difficult or dangerous, leading to slips and falls. As you age and renovate your bathrooms, it might be a great idea to install walk-in showers or bathtubs to prevent slips and falls.

6 – Bath & Shower Seating

Another bathroom option to look into as you age is bathtubs and showers that can support shower and bath seating. This allows you to maintain independence, even if standing for long periods is difficult.

Investing in some durable medical equipment (DME) now can allow you to age gracefully in your own home without losing your independence.

Looking for Home Medical Equipment for Home Modifications for Seniors

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