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Bruno helps keep homes, vehicles, and businesses friendly for people with mobility challenges.

We are proud to offer the complete line of the finest battery-powered staircase lift chairs for residential and commercial use. With a Bruno staircase lift chair, you regain your entire home. Staircase lift chairs are the perfect solution to home accessibility – taking you up and down your stairs, safely, comfortably, and effortlessly.

You love your home. You needn’t have to move because of your staircase.

A staircase lift chair can provide the effortless connection between the floors of your home with quiet, stylish elegance and confidence. And, a Bruno staircase lift chair ensures that your journey will be smooth, steady, and uneventful. Surprises in life can be delightful…but not on a staircase lift chair.

Whether you want a straight rail staircase lift chair, a custom curved rail staircase lift chair, or an outdoor straight rail or outdoor curved staircase lift chair, Bruno is there with the solution. Peace of mind is the prevailing emotion when you realize how safe and content you, and your whole family, will be with a Bruno staircase lift chair.

Our Service Area

As a Bruno dealer, we offer one or a number of this vendor’s products to both individuals and organizations (nursing homes, group homes, day programs, hospitals and schools) residing/located in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. While we serve all cities and towns in the aforementioned states, key metro areas include Barnstable MA, Boston MA, Hartford CT, Lawrence MA, Lowell MA, New Bedford MA, New Haven CT, Providence RI, Springfield MA, and Worcester MA.

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