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Ceiling Tracks

Effortless transfers from one place to another

Whether it is the 2800 series track system or the 2000 series Track-to-Track™ systems, SureHands® provides multiple ceiling track possibilities perfect for the private home, professional environments, and facilities.

  • Strong, corrosion-resistant, white-coated aluminum
  • Safe double attachment at each suspension point
  • Can be combined with curves, switches, and traverse track systems
ceiling tracks crossing
ceiling tracks in bedroom
ceiling tracks installed in doorway

Aesthetically designed with quiet operation

SureHands® durable Ceiling tracks are constructed of a strong aluminum alloy and enameled in high gloss white to blend with most ceiling colors. The multiple and small synthetic wheels within each motor system ensure that the sound is kept to a minimum as the motor travels along laterally.

Customized solutions

SureHands® specialists work with designs for new construction as well as existing spaces. Practicality and simplicity are blended with functionality to achieve the best solution for each client. Scale drawings are provided to architects, designers, builders, and homeowners to ensure that the solution will work before it is installed.

Tracks can be attached to the ceiling or hung from brackets mounted to each wall.

Ceiling suspension

SureHands® ensures the safety of your ceiling installation by requiring ceiling supports every 48in./120cm. Each ceiling support is secured with two bolts or a threaded rod to make it doubly safe. Straight track or 30, 45, 60, and 90-degree curves are available. Additional switches and turntables make it possible to switch tracks for even greater accessibility.

Reinforced track for wall-to-wall mounting

Again SureHands® ensures your safety by reinforcing each length of the rail so that it will be strong enough to span distances up to 19.7ft/6m when hung only from a wall bracket on each wall. This solution is ideal whenever the ceiling is not easily accessible or not strong enough or in a cathedral or sloped ceiling rooms.

Ceiling Track Video