Need To Save Your Spoons? Staircase Lift Chairs Help

“Living with a chronic illness means you’re constantly aware of how much energy and strength you have and how much you need to do,” says Marianne. The mother of three has Lupus, an immune system disorder that impacts her heart, lungs, and joints. “People talk about this energy in terms of spoons – when you hear someone say they’re totally out of spoons, it means they are so out of energy that all they may be able to do is sit in a chair or go to bed.”

“Because I only have a limited amount of energy I have to be wise about how I use it,” Marianne said. “Our bedroom is upstairs. Frankly, I don’t want to blow through the little bit of strength I have climbing stairs. I’d rather save those spoons for more important things, like going to work and taking care of my kids.”

Marianne went to a New England Bruno® staircase lift chair dealer to discover what her options were. “I’m not the only person using the stairs, obviously. My kids go up and down those stairs three hundred times a day. I don’t need them crashing into the staircase lift chair. And my husband brings the laundry upstairs after it’s done in the dryer. I didn’t want the staircase lift chair in his way, tripping him up.” Bruno® stair lifts come in space-saving models, featuring seats that fold up to provide easy access to the stairs. These space-saving models are every bit as strong and reliable as all Bruno® staircase lift chairs.

“I like the fact there’s a battery backup for the staircase lift chair,” Marianne added. “Last winter was harsh, and we had at least three occasions when the power went out. Knowing I can still get upstairs and downstairs quickly and safely is important to me. Life with a chronic illness isn’t easy, but when you find the right tools to make things better, it helps tremendously!”