Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Every Day Program Should Have in Place

A good day program should provide stimulating activities for individuals, but also provide accessibility and safety for all participants. This means having the proper durable medical equipment (DME) available to support the activities that your day program offers while maintaining safety. Some of the durable medical equipment (DME) used by the program depends on the activities offered. For example, if your day program offers pool-related activities, it must have at least one pool lift available for safely lowering and raising residents into the pool. If you offer a hippotherapy program, you’ll need to provide the necessary patient lifts to help the participants get on and off of the horses. However, all day programs should have the following durable medical equipment (DME) in place:


Although most participants in day programs will arrive with their own wheelchairs, it is a good idea to keep a few additional wheelchairs on hand in case a participant’s wheelchair malfunctions or there is an emergency that requires a safe, fast escape from a building.

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Patient Transfer Devices, Such As Patient Lifts

Patient transfer devices such as patient lift systems, chair lifts for stairs, and mobile lifts should be available within the day program to help move paralyzed or more mobility-challenged residents from place to place while preventing strain on the caregivers and keeping the participant safe. These lifts are critically important in a variety of settings within the program, such as transferring participants to and from the bathroom, moving participants to activity and dining areas, and much more.

Portable Ramps

Most day programs are well outfitted with handicap ramps to allow all residents to easily access all areas of the facilities while helping to prevent trips and falls. Also look at the vehicles they may use to transfer program participants (if applicable) to other locations. Confirm that they outfit these vehicles with portable wheelchair ramps and vehicle lifts.

Grab Bars

Grab bars offer stability to users in a variety of settings. They can be installed near toilets, dining and activity areas, or any other place they are needed. It might be good if the program also has a few portable grab bars available for those areas where mounted grab bars are not practical.

Does Your Day Program or Group Home Need Durable Medical Equipment (DME)?

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