Staircase Lift Chairs
Elite Outdoor Straight

Reliable, safe, durable, and designed to withstand the elements.

Don’t compromise your independence, inside or outside your home. An outdoor staircase lift chair of this quality allows you to navigate the stairs outside your home with confidence and ease – at any time of year!

Specifically designed to withstand harsh environments, Bruno® Outdoor Elite lift chair helps you enjoy the outside of your home safely. Whether you need help getting up porch stairs or down steps to the pier, Bruno®'s outdoor staircase lift chair reliably takes you there with ease and comfort. A weather-resistant cover travels with the lift chair and protects it when not in use. Performance tested in harsh temperatures, you can count on your Bruno® Outdoor Elite staircase lift chair year-round.

With innumerable uses – from your front door to the sidewalk or your cabin door to the boathouse – this outdoor staircase lift chair offers unique mobility. Only a home staircase lift chair designed like this one can extend your independence safely and securely outside your home.

elite outdoor straight stairlift man riding
elite outdoor straight staircase lift chair
outdoor straight staircase lift chair with a women sitting at the top

Product Features

Weight Capacity: 400 lb (181 kg)

Comfort & Appearance: Marine-grade vinyl padded seat and armrest; flip-up arms, seat, and footrest create plenty of extra space on steps; generous size seat with multiple height adjustments; extended rail lengths available; anodized aluminum rail with covered gear rack

Service & Operation: Offset swivel seat makes getting on/off safe and easy; onboard audio/visual diagnostics for easy service

Safety: Obstruction safety sensors and seat belts ensure safety

Dependability: Performance tested for 0 degrees (F) to 125 degrees (F) (-18 to 52 Celsius); durable outdoor paint protects all steel surfaces; weather-resistant cover travels with chair and protects the unit from the elements when staircase lift chair not in use; reliable performance even in a power outage

Installation: Tight rail installation: installs to within 7' (178 mm) of the wall

Gold Warranty: Five-year major components; two-year parts

Elite Staircase Lift Chair Video