Expanding horizons for the disabled and seniors

Lift & Care Systems enhances ability to demonstrate systems, including patient lift systems with move to new showroom in Lakeville, MA.

Imagine not being able to easily move unimpeded from room to room, needing assistance to perform the simplest task, finding obstacles at every turn…

Now imagine gliding along in a customized seat suspended from a ceiling track, being effortlessly transported from room to room, or simple motorized stairlifts, or easy to install modular ramps. These are among the wonders that await disabled users, seniors, and their caregivers at Lift & Care Systems' new showroom, located at 7 Precinct Street in Lakeville, MA.

Lift & Care Systems’ new showroom provides a virtual fantasyland of products and services designed to increase the freedom and independence of their users. A wide array of products are offered to ease the burden of mobility for disabled clients and their caregivers, even offering enhanced opportunities for self-transfer and self lifting for users.

Private consultations are available by appointment for users and their caregivers, enabling them to experience these innovative products firsthand.

Dave Austin, Founder and President of Lift & Care Systems, notes, “We are in the business of providing inventive products that offer both physical and emotional benefits to empower people with disabilities. Our move to a new, expanded showroom allows us to better demonstrate how we can enhance the day-to-day life of our users and caregivers. Witnessing the daily struggles and challenges of our clients has touched our lives personally, enabling us to become advisors first, and salespeople second.”

Lift & Care Systems' new showroom augments this compassionate approach to finding the right solutions for their clients, in many cases restoring dignity, freedom, and independence.

SureHands Lift Systems (Patient Lift Systems/Patient Transfer Systems)

Lift & Care Systems offers patented SureHands lift systems which are so remarkable that they have been featured on 2 segments of ABC-TV’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” A SureHands lift & care system was installed to help make a home ADA compliant and enable the resident to transfer and accomplish his normal activities for daily living. This multi-directional SureHands system was mounted to the ceiling connecting the bedroom to the bath, allowing the resident greater mobility, free of floor-based obstacles.

Lift & Care Systems, Inc.

Lift & Care Systems, Inc is dedicated to bringing the highest quality of life to users and their caregivers by providing customized solutions that enhance the user's mobility. To achieve this goal, Lift & Care Systems offers a myriad of products, including Body Supports, Slings, Mobile Lifters, Ceiling Systems, Wall-to-Wall Lift Systems, Wheelchair-to-Water Pool Lifts, Frictionless Slides, and Bruno Stairlifts.

Their products are used in private residential homes; semi-professional homes, such as group homes and day programs; and professional institutions, including nursing homes, hospitals, and schools. Lift & Care Systems is the exclusive distributor of the patented SureHands patient lift systems in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. In addition, Lift & Care Systems' product line also includes National Ramp Systems and a broad array of stairlifts for in-home use.

Founded in 1993, Lift & Care Systems, Inc. is located at 7 Precinct Street in Lakeville, MA 02347. For additional information, or to arrange for a free personal consultation, please call 508-465-5254 or fill out our contact form.