Hurricane Matthew Reminds Us of the Value of Back-Up Batteries for Staircase Lift Chairs

As of this morning, Hurricane Matthew has made landfall in Florida. The giant storm is expected to impact people who live in Georgia and South Carolina as well. Widespread damage is expected. It’s also very likely that the power in several areas will be out for a prolonged period of time.  Extreme weather events are a constant reminder that we need to be prepared to stay safe.

If you have mobility issues, having the right technology in your home can make it possible to live independently safely. Things like Bruno® Staircase Lift Chairs and the SureHands lift system are truly game-changers. These lift systems significantly reduce the risk of injury to individuals, as well as to their caregivers, aides, or family members who assist them with transitioning in and out of bed, up and downstairs, and more.

Both Bruno® Staircase Lift Chairs and the SureHands lift system include backup batteries. These batteries are in place specifically to ensure you can continue to use the devices in the event of a power outage. In Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, we often experience power outages as wintertime events, due to heavy snows or ice taking down the lines. High winds can also happen at any time.

Your Bruno® Staircase Lift Chair dealer can explain the battery backup system that is installed in your unit, including how to test the battery to make sure it’s working when you need it. Every power outage is different. If you know that it’s likely to be an outage of short duration, as the majority of power outages in our region are, your backup battery should be more than sufficient to keep you moving upstairs and down safely. In the case of a major prolonged outage, it may be wise to use your technology sparingly, coordinating with caregivers or local emergency service personnel to form a long-term plan.