I Identify As Relentlessly Independent

“There are people who accept offers of help with grace and gratitude,” Adam said. “I am not one of those people.” Complications from diabetes resulted in Adam needing to have his right leg amputated above the knee several years ago; his left leg was with him until fairly recently. “When I want the company of others, I’ll invite them in. But those evenings are far and few between.”

Adam inherited a home in Rhode Island from his great-uncle. “I am grateful,” he said. “But the house has some design challenges.” Built on a narrow lot, the Rhode Island home is narrower on the first floor than the second. “Downstairs is the kitchen and bath; upstairs is pretty much everything else. There’s a great ocean view and a balcony I’m not going to give up.”

To make full use of his home, Adam felt like he had two options. The first involved working with an aide or caregiver that would assist him up and down the stairs as needed. “Not going to happen,” he said. “Even if I found a girlfriend who for some inexplicable reason wanted to live with me, I’m not about to press them into that kind of responsibility. I’m not the smallest guy in the world. I don’t want to be responsible for anyone hurting themselves trying to schlep me around.”

The other option was to have a stairlift installed. “We have the technology,” Adam said. “Why not make use of it?” Adam had particular concerns about prolonged power outages impacting his ability to move around his home. “That’s why I chose the Bruno stairlift,” he explained. “It has the most durable, long-lasting battery. That way if we wind up snowed in for a few days, I’m not stuck!”

To find out more about the long battery life and durability of Bruno stairlifts, give us a call. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions!