Let’s Talk Staircase Lift Chair Installation

As an authorized Bruno staircase lift chair dealer, we get lots of questions about staircase lift chair installation. While people almost immediately understand how having a stair lift installed makes life safer and easier for anyone who has difficulty using the stairs, the actual logistics of putting a stair lift in can seem confusing.

The question we hear most is “Can a staircase lift chair be installed in my home?” Here in Massachusetts, and throughout New England, there are some unique regional building tendencies that make people worry they can’t have a staircase lift chair – things like very narrow staircases and curved stairways, as well as stairways with multiple landings. While we are sure that the staircase exists out there somewhere that can’t be fitted with a staircase lift chair, in all our years of doing business, we haven’t found it yet. The key is finding the staircase lift chair design that has been optimized for your home. This can mean a space-saving staircase lift chair with a folding seat for narrow stairways.

Another common question is “What happens when you have a curved stairway?” Curved stairways are a really lovely feature in many nicer homes. Bruno staircase lift chairs feature an unobtrusive design that makes them ideal for applications where maintaining the desired look is really important. There are models that are specifically made for curved rail installation; these can be mounted on the inside or outside rail.

Staircase lift chairs can be installed outdoors. They are also available for installation to allow access to garages, workshops, and outbuildings. These outdoor installations often have the greatest positive impact on the homeowner’s quality of life, as they truly allow people to maintain their independence and access areas where they enjoy spending their free time.

If you have questions about staircase lift chair installation, please don’t hesitate to call us. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions and can even help you choose what staircase lift chair would work best in your home.