Lift & Care Systems is an “Essential Business” During the COVID-19 Outbreak

As a provider and installer of durable home medical equipment (DME), Lift & Care Systems is considered to be an “essential business” specifically because we provide support to help disabled individuals live and maintain a high quality of life, and that these services cannot be placed on hold until this outbreak has subsided. We are also keenly aware that many of our customers, such as older individuals with underlying health issues, are the population most at risk from the devastating effects of COVID-19. We know that we must be extra diligent to make sure that we do not transmit this virus to any of our customers or their caregivers.

Waiting for a visit from home medical equipment company in Providence, RI during the COVID-19 outbreak

Lift & Care Systems COVID-19 Safety Action Plan

Lift & Care Systems will continue to operate during this time, but will be taking these additional steps to ensure the safety of our employees, clients, and caregivers.

  • Any of our staff who may have any of the symptoms associated with this virus (such as: fever, cough, shortness of breath) will not be working or in contact with any other member of our team.
  • Any of our staff who to their knowledge have come in contact with someone who has, or they believe may have, COVID-19 will similarly not be working or in contact with any other member of our team.
  • During this outbreak, we will avoid nonessential visits (such as: annual maintenance) and (to the extent possible) will try to help customers walk through and resolve service issues on the phone (at no charge).
  • All staff members will use an approved hand sanitizer prior to entering and again upon leaving any customer’s home.
  • All our staff will use an approved disinfectant on any demo products and tools they bring into a customer’s home.
  • Our staff will avoid direct physical contact with a customer (such as shaking a customer’s hand) and will try to maintain a safe social distancing of at least 6 feet whenever possible.
  • Our staff will make as little contact as possible with surfaces in the customer’s home and will ask the customer to limit contact with anything we bring into the home while we are there.
  • We will use an approved disinfectant to sanitize the surfaces of the any stairlift we have installed or serviced.
  • We ask that any customer inform us if any member of their household has COVID-19 symptoms or has been in contact with someone who has COVID-19.
  • We also suggest that any family with a particularly vulnerable member of their household keep that member away from us (or any visitor to their home) and ask that the other household members wash their hands after any visitor has left.

Our top priority is ensuring the safety of our customers, caretakers, and Lift & Care Systems staff, but even if everyone follows the key procedures above perfectly, it is impossible for anyone to guarantee that this virus is not transmitted if it is present. It is ultimately up to each individual customer to decide if they want to invite us into their home during this difficult time.

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We may update these guidelines at any time as the circumstances change. For the latest guidelines and information about COVID-19 within your state, check out the following links:

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