Mobile Lifts
Mobile Lift 1641

When extra lifting range is important

This lift has an integrated spreader bar to be used with SureHands® slings. It has a high lifting range to reach above a tall bed, raised bath, or treatment table. The advantage of this lift, with a weight capacity of 440 lbs., is that it offers extra legs room for the user.

Mobile Lift 1641 carries women away from the toilet
Mobile Lift 1641 carries women to the toilet
Mobile Lift 1641 carries women to wheelchair

Weight Capacity

441 lbs / 200 kg

Service & Operation

An integrated spreader bar for convenience and use with Handi-slings; Width adjustable base for easy positioning; Low profile chassis with easy-to-roll castors for clearance under low objects; Ergonomic handlebar provides smooth steering making it easy to maneuver.


Emergency down feature


Extended vertical lifting range for lifting from the floor onto a high bed or change table and for assisting with standing and ambulation where indicated.