Mobile Lifts
Mobile Lift 2600 (Victor)

Fast, powerful, easy to use, versatile & durable

SureHands® Victor is a mobile lift system for intensive use in a professional environment. The Victor is designed for fast, efficient, and frequent lifting of persons with limited mobility in facilities for persons with disabilities, such as residential care, hospitals, and other professional settings. It is versatile and can be used in all situations.

Mobile Lift 2600 carries women to bathroom
Mobile Lift 2600 carries women to bed
Mobile Lift 2600 carries women to the floor
Mobile Lift 2600 carries women to the exam table
Mobile Lift 2600 carries women to toilet
Mobile Lift 2600 carries women to the tub

The Fastest Lift on the Market

Thanks to its innovative drive system, the Victor is twice as fast as the average lift, even under maximum load.

Designed for Intensive Use

With most lifts, the manufacturer recommends buying a new up/down drive after 10,000 cycles. This is not the case with the Victor.

Easy Lifting Up to 225 kg / 500 Lbs

The Victor has a large lifting range, extending down to floor level. The user has plenty of legroom and can thus be turned freely.

Durable Construction

The Victor is made from aluminum and stainless steel. This makes it easy to maintain and protects it against corrosion, which ensures a long service life.


The Victor is both robust and compact. The ergonomic handles make it easy to steer, even in confined spaces. The base features electrically adjustable width for perfect fitting around a wheelchair or normal chair.

Easy to Operate

The Victor can be operated by using either the hand control or the buttons on the control panel. A mechanical emergency lowering mechanism ensures that the user can always be lowered in an emergency situation.


The Victor can be used together with our body support and slings.

Battery Life

The battery is charged directly on the Victor or by using a wall-mounted charger. Life: 180 transfers with a weight of 90 kg / 198 lbs.

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