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Portable Ceiling Motor

Multiple transfer locations with one motor

SureHands® Portable Ceiling Motor offers a flexible solution to lifting and transferring in different rooms that are no connected by a continuous rail system: at home, between different floors or locations.

Take the motor where you need to go. Can be used in different rooms with different rail sections (bedroom, bathroom, toilet, shower...).

SureHands® portable ceiling motor is a flexible solution for lifting and transferring people with limited mobility. Put the rail where needed and move the motor track to track; different rooms, different floors or in different locations.

All rooms are accessible, no matter how small. Install rail with minimal modifications to the structure and bring the portable motor to it. Transfer from the wheelchair to the bed in the bedroom, the bath, the change table, the toilet, the recliner in the living room, exercise equipment or even a tractor in the garage.

A second home or visiting grandparents is no longer a problem: the portable motor can be taken along so that grandma and grandpa can lift and care for their grandchild effortlessly.

Light and compact, yet powerful: lifts to 400 lbs.

The user-friendly portable motor is no bigger than a shoebox. It weighs barely 17 lbs, so it can be carried effortlessly by the handle. With the reacher, the motorband can be quickly and easily hooked in and out of the rail. No ladder or chair is needed.

And yet this lightweight compact ceiling lift features a powerful motor. The lift effortlessly lifts to 400 lbs.

Aesthetic: streamlined timeless design.

The portable ceiling motor is an aesthetic solution for your home. The streamlined timeless design of the motor fits any type of home. And when not in use, the motor can be easily stored out of sight.

Economical: one motor for several places.

Because one motor is used for multiple rooms and locations, it is a financially advantageous solution.

Use with the SureHands Body Support® or slings

The portable ceiling motor can be used with the SureHands Body Support or slings, providing transfer solutions for a wide range of mobility disabilities

Thanks to the integrated hooks for the slings along both sides of the motor, and the hook for the Body Support at the bottom, this portable ceiling lift can be used without any problem with all SureHands body support systems.

Option: transport trolley for the portable motor

Prefer not to carry the motor? As a caregiver, you can use the transport trolley to move the motor to another room effortlessly.

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