Providing mobility for seniors and persons with disabilities

Lift & Care Systems of Lakeville, MA launches a Stair Lift Division, dedicated to enabling persons with restricted mobility the freedom to use their entire home.

DATELINE: NOVEMBER, 2006; LAKEVILLE, MA… Lift & Care Systems of Lakeville,

MA, established in 1993 to serve the needs of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut residents by providing customized solutions that enhance a user’s mobility, has launched a Stair Lift Division, to serve the diverse needs of persons who want accessibility, without the barrier of climbing stairs.

“As I speak with caregivers and users of our products, it has become increasingly clear to me over the years that many people who experience restricted mobility actually use only a portion of their home, or even consider moving out of their home, because of the obstacle that stairs present,” notes Dave Austin, Founder and President of Lift & Care Systems.

To address this situation, Lift & Care Systems’ Stair Lift Division will be dedicated to increasing awareness of in-home options that can allow people to utilize multiple levels of their home, restoring freedom and independence, particularly for seniors who wish to “age in place.”

Custom Curves or Straight Lines – Indoors or Out

Stair lift technology is constantly being enhanced, allowing a wide range of affordable in-home options for gliding from floor to floor in safety and comfort. Powered by dedicated batteries, stair lifts are available with flip up arms, seats, and footrests, allowing ample room for family members and guests to freely walk up and down the stairs.

In addition, depending on the model, a myriad of options are available including: flexible seating, adjustable footrests, adjustable seat height, flip-up folding rail options (if there’s a door, obstacle or hallway at the end of the stair lift rail), ultra compact installation within 5” of the wall on either side of the stairway, and up to a 400 lb. weight capacity.

Lift & Care Systems utilizes products made by Bruno Independent Living Aids, North America’s leading manufacturer of stair lifts. Offering Bruno stair lifts gives Lift & Care the ability to offer customized curved rail stair lifts as well as stair lifts specifically designed for outdoor use.

SureHands Lift Systems

Lift & Care Systems also offers patented SureHands lift systems which are so remarkable that they have been featured on 2 segments of ABC-TV’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” A SureHands lift & care system was installed to help make a home ADA compliant and enable the resident to transfer and accomplish his normal activities for daily living. This multi-directional SureHands system was mounted to the ceiling connecting the bedroom to the bath, allowing the resident greater mobility, free of floor based obstacles.

Lift & Care Systems, Inc.

Lift & Care Systems, Inc is dedicated to bringing the highest quality of life to users and their caregivers by providing customized solutions that enhance the users mobility. To achieve this goal, Lift & Care Systems offers a myriad of products, including: Body Supports, Slings, Mobile Lifters, Ceiling Systems, Wall-to-Wall Lift Systems, Wheelchair-to-Water Pool Lifts, Frictionless Slides, and Bruno Stair Lifts.

Their products are used in private residential homes; semi-professional homes, such as group homes and day programs; and professional institutions, including nursing homes, hospitals and schools. Lift & Care Systems is the exclusive distributor of the patented SureHands patient lift systems in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. In addition, Lift & Care Systems product line also includes National Ramp Systems and Bruno Stair Lifts for in home use.

Founded in 1993, Lift & Care Systems, Inc. is located at 7 Precinct Street in Lakeville, MA 02347. For additional information, or to arrange for a free personal consultation, please call 508-465-5254 or visit