Qualities to Look for When Selecting a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Company for a Group Home

Group homes are unlike single-family residences with one disabled individual because these buildings require a lot more durable medical equipment (DME). Finding a durable medical equipment (DME) company that meets the unique needs of a group home may be a challenge if you don’t know what to look for. Here are some tips on what qualities you should look for in a reputable durable medical equipment (DME) company.

Experience Working with Group Homes, Including Patient Lift Installation

A group home has to meet specific requirements and pass rigorous safety and compliance inspections, so it is important that the durable medical equipment (DME) they purchase meets those requirements. An excellent durable medical equipment (DME) company understands these needs, know what regulations and requirements must be met in order to meet or exceed the mandated standards.

Group home DME from durable medical equipment (DME) store in Boston, MA

This DME provider also understands the unique needs that a group home has because of housing several individuals with disabilities at once. They understand what equipment will fit well within the common spaces available as well as how to configure an individual resident’s areas with equipment that is just right for them.

High-Quality Patient Lift And Other DME Products

Group home durable medical equipment (DME) must be extremely robust to handle heavy, daily use without numerous breakdowns or a frequent need for repair. The products that this DME store sells should be reputable, name brand products with solid track records, and a reputation for durability.

Experienced Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Installers

You can have the best, most expensive durable medical equipment (DME) on the market installed so the group home residents have what they need. But it doesn’t mean a thing if the wrong equipment was selected for the job, it doesn’t meet the requirements for your residents, or (worst of all) was installed incorrectly.  

Selecting the right equipment is just one small part of the process. Experienced DME installers have seen it all, figuring out what clearances are needed for ceiling patient lift systems, how to fit a chair lift for stairs in a big, old home with a long-curved staircase, and much more. An excellent DME company has installers on staff who are excellent problem solvers that can address challenges as they appear, while still following all of the stringent requirements and regulations applicable to group homes.

Excellent Support and Service

With durable medical equipment (DME) under heavy daily use, you are eventually are going to have problems. Whether it is as simple as a dead battery for a portable patient lift, or as complex as a complete mechanical failure on a vertical wheelchair platform, you need a DME company that responds quickly when an issue occurs and fixes the problem right the first time. When DME goes down in a group home, it is a crisis, so fast friendly service is essential when selecting a DME provider.

Free DME and Patient Lift Consultations

No reputable durable medical equipment (DME) company will provide you a quote over the phone. Selecting and installing DME requires a detailed review of the space where the equipment will be installed in order to make sure the right DME for the job is selected. A free, in-person consultation with a knowledgeable DME installer is essential to get the right equipment in place for your group home.

Are You Looking for Durable Medical Equipment, Including Patient Lifts, for Your Group Home?

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