Is it time for your annual inspections?

To assure your equipment gives you many years of successful and reliable use we do offer an annual inspection for our patient lifts, stairlifts, pool lifts, and vertical platform lifts. We are offering annual inspections in two options.

Owner Scheduled Inspection

To better serve our customers, we offer an AIP. The AIP is designed to keep your SureHands Patient Lift System, Bruno Staircase Lift Chair, Bruno Vertical Platform Lift, and Aqua Creek Pool Lift up to manufacturer standards. The inspections help keep your lift operating safely, eliminate or minimize downtime, and avoid expensive emergency service calls.

Your patient lift system is built with many safety features that we maintain at the manufacturer’s specification levels. A trained and qualified technician performs the inspection with specialized testing equipment and will examine your lift by following the manufacturer’s 25 to 50 written points on the equipment’s inspection list. For example, we ensure that the track/rail is as well anchored and tightly secured as the day we installed it. We also check the battery performance, the charging system, safety limit switches, and condition of all parts. We grease and clean any parts as needed. Our technicians inform you if there are any problems and replace parts only with your permission. If insurance is the preferred payment method, we will do our best to assist with the process.

To schedule an inspection, call our service department at 888-927-6279 ext. 101 or fill out our online form.

Lifts4life program

Alternatively, we offer a Lifts4Life program. Find out more about our Lifts4Life program and whether it is the right choice for you.

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