Simplify Lift Inspection & Maintenance in 2022 With Our Preventative Maintenance Program

Whether it’s managing your own health situation or that of a loved one, we know you regularly juggle numerous tasks and priorities. Let us take one of those concerns off your plate in the new year, while saving you time and money!

Regardless of where a patient lift, pool lift, or stair lift is used in your or your loved one’s home, an annual lift inspection by an approved technician is manufacturer-recommended for your system to make sure equipment is still operating effectively and is safe for use. You can learn more about what an residential lift inspection entails here:

When you subscribe to our Lifts4life preventative maintenance program (PMP), you’ll no longer need to remember and track when your particular type of lift needs an inspection. We’ll do the record-keeping on our end and reach out to you – via text, e-mail and/or phone messages – to schedule your PMP inspection for a time and date that’s convenient for you.

When you enroll in our Lifts4life subscription plan not only will you get the peace of mind of knowing that you have a process in place for yearly lift inspections and any necessary maintenance, you’ll get:

  • An annual on-site inspection preventative maintenance service call that will address up to two motorized systems (patient lifts, staircase lift chairs, pool lift) in one location by one of our trained service technicians and that will include:

  • labor, cleaning, lubrication, testing, and an analysis of wearing parts as specified by the manufacturers’ 25-50 point detailed inspection documents.

  • inspection of the lift installation and any slings, body support and other accessories that you may have purchased for your system.

  • Priority service

  • Discounts on parts and products

Our team can share information about the above and other benefits when you reach out to learn more about our Lifts4life preventative maintenance program. Why not make this the year you streamline the process of keeping your patient lift, stair lift chair, or pool lift safe and functioning at its highest possible level?

Apprehensive About Subscribing to A Preventative Maintenance Program For Patient Lifts?

Our team of aging in place specialists also offers annual inspections outside of our preventative maintenance subscription program. We refer to those inspections as an owner-scheduled lift inspection. You simply need to contact us to schedule your annual lift inspection.

Your Peace of Mind Is One Of Our Biggest Priorities And We're Here to Help With Any Patient Lift-Related Needs 

The team of aging in place experts and durable medical specialists at Lift & Care Systems has been helping seniors and their families/caregivers related to aging in place in MA, CT, and RI for more than 20 years. Our skilled team can install and teach you how to correctly use one or several of the following types of products that help both seniors and disabled individuals enjoy more freedom/independence and a higher quality of life: ceiling lifts, body support & slings, staircase lift chairs, wheelchair ramps, bathroom safety for seniors, mobile lifts, pool lifts, vertical platform lifts, accessible showers, wall-to-wall patient lifts.

Contact us today for a free consultation about how we can help you and your loved one related to accessibility and safety durable medical equipment (DME) needs.

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