Body Support & Slings

The right sling for every circumstance

Persons who are unable to control their head or who are otherwise contraindicated for use of the body support will benefit from the wide range of SureHands® slings. The innovations and safety controls found in our other products are readily apparent in this quality range of slings.


Standard/Contour Sling

Provides complete support, which makes it suitable for all users

  • The bottom remains free
  • Variety of options available to meet individual needs
  • With or without head support

The standard/contour sling is for universal use. It fully supports the body and has a cut-out for toileting. The sling is attached to the four-point spreader bar with four loops. The padded legs feel soft and offer ideal support at the same time. Positioning handles are sewn into the back of all our slings. The standard/contour sling is available with or without crescent-shaped head support. When more targeted head support is required, the six strap models are ideal.

Daylite™ Sling

Parachute Fabric Sling

  • Offers complete support, suitable for all users
  • Parachute fabric is comfortable, it is a light, thin, soft material
  • The Smooth fabric is highly air-and moisture-permeable that helps prevent decubitus ulcers
  • Available from XS to XL

Based on the standard contour sling, the DayLite sling is made of parachute quality nylon that is very strong but with a smooth and soft texture to help prevent skin irritations. The exclusive thin fabric allows it to comfortably remain under the user as it actually wicks moisture away.

Hygiene Sling

Suitable for all transfers, and ideal for the toilet

  • The bottom and lower back remain free thanks to the large opening.
  • The user’s trousers can be lowered while the user is supported by the sling.
  • Includes a waist belt with Velcro closure for added safety and support.
  • Easy to fit.
  • With or without head support.
  • Variant: sling with a lower back section for increased support.

Sometimes referred to as a toileting sling, this model is specially designed to make toileting possible while in the security of the sling. The large cut-out area behind the thighs and up the lower back allows access to the clothing so the user’s pants can be removed while he or she is in the sling.

Bathing Sling

Bathing Sling

For transfers to and from the bath

  • The bottom and lower back remain free thanks to the large opening.
  • Ideal for intimate care.
  • Includes a waist belt with Velcro closure for added safety and support.
  • Easy to fit.
  • With or without head support.
  • Made from PVC.
  • Easy to clean and/or dry after use.

The shape of the bathing sling is identical to that of the hygiene sling – only the material is different. The bathing sling is made of maintenance-friendly, latex-free,slip-proof, synthetic material that can be easily wiped dry. The bathing sling can be used dry as an alternative to the hygiene sling. A version with head support is also available for the bathing sling.

Amputee Sling

For persons with an amputation above the knee

  • Models available for a single or double amputation.
  • Standard sling without head support, with extended leg flaps.

Seat Sling PVC

Enjoy your bath in comfort

For people who are still actively able to sit on the bath seat, either independently or with assistance. Water drains through the perforated sitting surface of the plastic seat. Adapts to the shape of the bottom of the bathtub. Can be adjusted to various positions. Easy to maintain. Can also be used in a swimming pool. Option: safety harness.

  • Made of PVC for flexibility, strength, and easy maintenance
  • A slight recline position offers safe support during lifting
  • Fits into wheelchair or chair for ease of use
  • The seat is perforated to let water flow out…dries easily
  • Can be used with all SureHands Lift & Care Systems
  • Assumes the form of the bath
  • Reinforced seating surface and backrest
  • Adjustable loop length

Scoliosis Sling

  • Special design for extra back support
  • 4 strong ribs
  • Suspension on 2 or 4 points
  • Padded thigh flaps

Thorax Sling

  • Perfect for toilet use
  • Seat and lower back remain free
  • Crossed straps for better support
  • Plain fabric
  • Suspension on 4 or 2 points
  • Padded thigh flaps

sling with head support

Sling with Head Support

  • Ideal for toilet transfer
  • Seat and lower back remain free
  • Easy to apply
  • Also available as bathing sling (PVC)
  • For those with limited head control
  • Padded thigh flaps
  • Suspension on 4 or 2 points

Sling Demonstration Video