Body Support & Slings
Spreader Bars

For proper suspension in slings

If the SureHands® body support is inappropriate or contraindicated, lifting can be done with one of the many SureHands® slings. We offer innovative two and four-point spreader bar systems. When combined with the multi-loop features on the SureHands® slings, the caregiver has an opportunity to perfectly distribute the patient’s body weight for maximum comfort and functionality.

Diagram showing the three types of spreader bars and their characteristics

spreader bar holds women in sling over toilet
spreader bar combo style
spreader bar standard style
spreader bar classic style
spreader bar flat 2-point style various sizes
spreader bar flat 2-point style

Perfect weight distribution

On the four-point spreader bar system, the patient can be positioned in a reclining, sitting, or inclined position. The position is determined by using a combination of back and front loop attachments. For example, the longest length in the front and the shortest length in the back will create a sitting position.

The spreader bar is bow-shaped so that the patient’s head is out of the way during the initial lifting. Once the patient is lifted, this curved shape also prevents the patient’s vision from being obstructed so the actions of the caregiver can be easily followed.

One mobile lift, two systems

Changing from the combi spreader bar to the SureHands® body support is safe and easy.

Quick & safely put on

The sling is quickly and safely put on and removed, saving time and energy for the caregiver. Also, there is no need for the patient to sit on the sling all day.

Spreader Bar Demonstration Video