Staircase Lift Chairs for the Elegant Boston Home

“My Mother is…well. She’s my Mother, and I love her, but she is not very flexible about some things, and one of those things is the appearance of her home,” Cody said. “Everything has to be perfect all of the time, just in case the photographer for Architectural Digest happens to stop by.”

Cody’s mother recently had a stroke, which left her with some mobility issues. “To watch her trying to use the stairs…it breaks my heart,” he said. “She’ll never admit it, but she’s not steady on her feet, and she’s scared of falling. She holds onto that railing so tight. Of course, her bedroom is upstairs. I’ve talked to her about rearranging the house so her bedroom could be downstairs – it would be easy enough to use the blue guest bedroom – but she’s absolutely against the idea.”

With one attempt to help his mother stymied, Cody tried another route – suggesting a staircase lift chair. “This time, I was smart. I talked with one of Mother’s friends, who I knew had a staircase lift chair in their Boston home. Her husband has trouble with his knees. I arranged that we’d go over for a visit, and then, just casually, we somehow wound up talking about the staircase lift chair and how it’s made their life so much easier.” Cody smiled. “Of course, Mother had to see this for herself. Their home is very elegant – they’ve got the wide foyer with a curving staircase to the second floor – and the staircase lift chair just seamlessly integrates into their decor. Francis – that’s the husband – even demonstrated how easy it was to use the stairlift and Mother took a ride on it. She commented on how quiet and comfortable it was.”

After that experience, Cody found that convincing his Mother to have a staircase lift chair installed was easier than he’d expected. “We went to the local Boston staircase lift chair dealer and saw the options. Mother picked one she thought was most attractive, and the rest was history. Now she’s the one showing off her staircase lift chair to her friends!”