Stairlift FAQs

We find that there are many ways that individuals refer to chairs that remove the worry regarding an individual who chooses to age in place, or who lives with disability, going up and down stairs safely. That’s why we refer to such lift equipment in a number of ways below –- staircase lift chair, stair chair, stair lift, and stair chair lift. Regardless of how you refer to such chair lifts, we are here to help.

What Is The Price Of A Stair Lift (Stair Chair)?

The price of the stair chair lifts we offer – Bruno® stair lifts – varies depending on staircase configuration, stair lift model type, lift capacity, and power or custom options selected. Generally speaking, a quality straight indoor stairlift will cost between $3,500-$5,500 installed. Bruno curved stairlifts featuring a custom-made rail start around $11,000.

The team of staircase lift chair experts here at Lift & Care Systems is happy to provide a free quote or in-home consultation in order to recommend the right stair lift to meet your or your loved one’s particular needs!

What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Stairlift?

As individuals age, they or their loved ones may worry about their ability to go up and down stairs safely. Installing a stair chair lift in the home of someone who is aging in place removes that worry since there’s a Bruno staircase chair for every budget, space, and style of staircase. Stair chairs also provide independence and dignity to individuals living with disability, as they provide safe, easy access to other rooms of a residence.

Are Stairlifts Covered By Health Insurance?

In some cases, the cost of installing stairlifts are covered by insurance. Our team can help you determine whether or not your stairchair installation might be covered by insurance and also discuss other possible funding sources with you.

Is Customization Available For Bruno Stair Lifts?

All Bruno indoor stair lifts have customizable options available to make your or your loved one’s life better. Whether you or they need a power or manual folding rail, a power swivel seat, power folding footrest or custom seat fabric – Bruno wants your new stairlift to meet all your needs, and fit perfectly into your home and lifestyle.

How Long Does Stairlift Installation Take?

Bruno straight stairlifts can typically be installed in one day, while custom curved stairlifts may take longer depending on the application and length. Our team of stair chair/stair lift installers can provide you with an accurate timeframe for your particular stairchair installation.

Where Are Bruno Stair Lifts Manufactured?

Bruno stair lifts are Made in the USA at Bruno’s Oconomowoc, Wisconsin manufacturing facility. Bruno Stairlifts Is Also a Veteran-Founded and Family-Owned business.

What Is The Warranty On A Bruno Stair Lift?

Bruno offers industry-leading stair lift warranties. Bruno indoor stairlifts feature a Lifetime Limited Warranty, while outdoor models feature a 5-year Limited Warranty.

Is Home Modification Required For Stairlift Installation?

Bruno stairlifts are not permanent and do not require modification to your home to be installed. Bruno stairlifts install directly onto the top of your stair treads and can be removed, with few remaining signs a stairlift unit was ever installed.

How Are Bruno Stair Lifts Powered?

All Bruno stair lifts are both AC- and battery-powered. While Bruno stairlifts draw from AC-power in standard operation, Bruno's "continuous charging" system for indoor straight stairlifts keeps the battery at full power along the entire rail. This provides peace of mind that the batteries will be fully charged and ready to go, even in the event of a power outage.

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The team of disability & aging in place experts and durable medical specialists at Lift & Care Systems has been helping individuals living with disability in MA, CT, and RI enjoy the best quality of life and greater independence for almost 30 years. Our skilled team can install and teach you how to correctly use one or several of the following types of products that help both seniors and disabled individuals enjoy more freedom and a higher quality of life: ceiling liftsbody support & slingsstaircase lift chairswheelchair rampsbathroom safety for seniors, mobile liftspool liftsvertical platform liftsaccessible showers, wall-to-wall patient lifts.

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