Swimming Pool Lifts Make Summer Fun Safer for Everyone

Splashing around in the pool is classic summer fun. Being in the water is great exercise, and can provide significant relief for people who suffer from chronic back or joint pain. The challenging part, especially for people who have limited mobility, is getting in and out of the pool. Pool stairs and ladders aren’t helpful for everyone; being lifted in and out of the water by a friend or family member is a dangerous proposition for everyone involved.

Pool lifts are the answer. Available both for home use and for installation at schools, resorts, and other public pools, swimming pool lifts ensure that everyone can enjoy their Massachusetts summer. There are many types of swimming pool lifts, and you can choose the one that’s best suited to your needs. Some Aqua Creek Pool Lifts are permanent installations, anchored into the poolside concrete, while others are portable models that can be brought out and put away as needed.

One of the top questions we get about swimming pool lifts is how strong and reliable are these lifts? The Scout 2, one of the most popular swimming pool lifts in Massachusetts, has a capacity of 375 pounds. The Pro Pool can support someone up to 450 pounds, as can the Patriot swimming pool lift. The Titan 600 is the strongest pool lift we carry, with a lifting capacity of 600 pounds.

It’s important to choose a swimming pool lift that makes you feel confident and secure when you use it. The reason we carry Aqua Creek Pool Lifts is the quality of the unit and the actual lift experience are very reassuring: you know you are in a stable, strong unit that can lift and transport you safely. This is true both for the experience of being lifted into and out of the water as well as when you’re being transported over spa benches, poolside walls and the like.