Temporary Home Ramp Systems

“My son was in a motorcycle accident that left him with two broken legs and a shattered pelvis,” Sean said. “Thankfully, he’s expected to recover, but we have a long road ahead of us. Until the time when he’s back on his feet, we need a temporary ramp system for our home.”

Sean’s son, Brady, is currently using a wheelchair. He is expected to need crutches as he recovers. There are four steps leading into Sean’s home, and Brady’s bedroom is upstairs. “We’re moving his room downstairs for at least these early days,” Sean said, “but there’s no way we can manage getting his wheelchair up and down the stairs.”

National Ramp System aluminum wheelchair ramps are ideal for temporary installations of this type. They’re extremely strong, feature an unobtrusive design, and can easily accommodate a person in a wheelchair and their caregiver. The open grate configuration of the temporary ramp system allows snow to pass through, making wintertime maintenance easier. Because the ramps are made out of aluminum, there’s no worry about the ramp twisting or warping in hot summertime conditions.

“Of course, money is an issue. We’ve got very good insurance, but there are still a lot of expenses we never anticipated that came as a result of Brady’s accident,” Sean said. “When we went to talk to the Massachusetts ramp dealer, we were very frank with him about what our budget looked like. I don’t know what we would have done if he couldn’t find something in our price range, but as it turns out, I’d really overestimated what a temporary ramp costs. They even arranged for the installation for us. Our landlord had had some concerns about what this was going to look like and how it would affect her property, but after seeing some pictures and having her questions answered, she was totally on board with things.”