Types of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) You Should Have in Your Group Home

A good group home should ensure accessibility to all residents. This means having the proper durable medical equipment (DME) available to allow all users to live as independently as possible while remaining safe. While the necessary medical equipment ranges widely, here are a few essential items your group home should have.

Group home using durable medical equipment (DME) New Bedford, MA


Wheelchairs now come in a variety of different forms and can be customized to each individual’s needs. While some residents may have permanent wheelchairs, it is a good idea to keep manual ones on hand for other users or in case of malfunction. Wheelchairs are especially important to have available to ensure that all residents can escape the building safely in case of an emergency.

Patient Lifts

Lifts are used to help move paralyzed or more dependent residents from place to place while preventing strain on the caregiver. Lifts are critically important for a variety of settings within your group home. From the bathroom to the bedroom, lifts ensure equal access to all essential resources. Like wheelchairs, there are many different types of lifts. There are mobile lifts, ceiling lifts, pool lifts, and many other types suited for a range of needs. There are also stairlifts available in case your group home does not have access to an elevator.


Handicap ramps allow all residents to easily access the entrances of your group home while helping to prevent trips and falls. They can be placed inside or outside of the home. These ramps aren’t just for wheelchair users but can also help residents that use canes, walkers, or other assistive devices.

Grab Bars

Grab bars offer stability to users in a variety of settings. They can be installed in a shower/bathtub, around a toilet, or any other place they are needed. There are many different types of grab bars, each fitting for a different situation.


Another essential piece of equipment you’ll need for your group home is railing. Rails are especially useful for helping residents get in and out of seated positions – from couches and chairs, beds, toilets, and baths. There are several types of rails available for a variety of settings.

Bath and Shower Seating

If you don’t have a bathtub with seating installed already, purchasing shower and bath seating is a must for your group home. This seating offers residents more independence, comfort, and stability while bathing. Another option to consider is a roll-in shower, which is ideal for wheelchair users.

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