What to Look for When Buying Wheelchair Ramps for Home

Buying a wheelchair ramp for home is a significant investment for any homeowner, and there are a lot of factors to consider when making this important durable medical equipment (DME) purchase:


Durability is extremely important when purchasing a wheelchair ramp for the home. If the ramp is properly installed, it likely will not have any material failure or defects that will impact the proper functioning of the ramp, but there should be a solid warranty for the material and construction of the ramp. The duration of warranties on wheelchair ramps for the home varies anywhere from a one-year warranty to a lifetime warranty. Obviously, the longer the duration of the warranty, the better.

Aluminum ramps for handicapped Hartford, CT


Many ramps on the market today are made from wood, but this tends to be because they are constructed to fit into a specific site and require more time to design and construct. Even though wooden ramps are typically permanent fixtures, they must be carefully maintained to prevent rotting and splintering. Metal ramps, such as those constructed of aluminum or steel, require far less maintenance, and–depending on the brand–can be as aesthetically pleasing as wooden ramps specifically designed for a building.


Because people with mobility issues are prone to slips and falls, and wheelchairs wheels need to be able to grip the ramp to move easily up it, traction is an important attribute to look at when making a purchase. All wheelchair ramps, whether they are made from aluminum, steel or wood can become very slippery when wet if modifications to the ramp are not made to prevent this. Wooden ramps require the addition of non-skid tread plates, spray-on resins, or special slip-resistant paint in order to improve traction on them. Metal ramps may use non-skid, “grooved” designs to improve traction or may also use non-skid plates or pads adhered to the surface of the ramp to improve the safety of the ramp.

Wheelchair ramps from National Ramp use a code-compliant mesh design which allows water to pass right through it and allows excellent traction because of this unique design.

Ease of Installation

Constructing a wooden wheelchair ramp is often a big project. They need to be integrated carefully with the home design, need to meet local building codes, and require proper ground footings to keep them securely in place.

Metal ramps usually come in modular designs and can be purchased in segments that can be configured to meet the specific needs of the building. Because of this, metal ramps can be installed a lot faster than a wooden ramp. Since most metal ramps are modular in nature, it is easier to make changes to them if they need to be reconfigured than it would be to make changes to a more permanent structure such as a wooden ramp system.

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