What You Need to Know About Applying for Disability Services in Massachusetts

Every state has different requirements for applying for disability services. Massachusetts has some unique programs to help residents of the state whose disabilities make it difficult for them to work.

Who Qualifies for Disability?

Residents of Massachusetts who have a medical condition that is expected to either last more than one year or may result in death if the resident continues to work may be eligible for disability benefits. These can include conditions such as HIV, cancer, visual impairment, hearing loss, seizures, depression, and lupus.

man using durable medical equipment (DME) applying for disability services in Boston, MA

These conditions must also interfere with an individual’s ability to work and perform daily living activities, with or without, assistive devices and durable medical equipment (DME).

How Do I Apply?

If you believe are have become disabled you should apply immediately. This can be done online, over the phone, or by visiting a social security office.

You will need to provide required details about your situation such as two years of employment records, contact information for healthcare facilities treating your condition, and proof of citizenship status. It can also be wise to seek the assistance of a qualified attorney as approximately two-thirds of disability applicants are initially denied benefits.

After the application is submitted through the social security office, it is sent to the disability determination services (DDS). This is a division of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission. If a request for disability services is denied, the applicant may appeal the decision.

There are two primary disability benefits, both with different requirements. These are Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) determines who is eligible for benefits. The MRC also helps find employment for disabled individuals. The MRC also helps individuals in need find care services such as home health aides to assist them in meeting their complex needs.

Are There Other Contacts Besides the MRC to Help Me?

The Statewide Employment Services (SES) helps individuals with disabilities find jobs they can do and, once found, keep those jobs. Project Impact helps people who receive SSI or SSDI understand how working may affect their benefits.

Disabled and In Need of Durable Medical Equipment (DME)?

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