Why 2023 Should Be The Year You Employ A Ceiling Lift System

It’s a new year, and we’re all thinking about how we can work less hard, have more fun, and optimize our health situations in 2023.

It’s the belief of the team at Lift & Care Systems that there is almost always something you can do to improve your or your loved ones’ quality of life and to take better care of your health, regardless of your or their particular health or life situation. For many who visit our durable medical equipment and patient lift website, a key opportunity for improving both life quality and health in 2023 exists in employing a ceiling lift system in your home or in that of a loved one.

The Benefits Of Employing A Ceiling Lift System

A ceiling lift system centers around a motorized device that runs along an overhead (ceiling) track that allows for a person with mobility issues to be lifted and transferred from one point on the track to another point on the track – providing continuous room-to-room movement. A body sling is used along with the patient lift system to ensure safe and comfortable transfer of the disabled individual from one location to another.

Why do we believe that a ceiling lift system can improve life quality and health situations? Ceiling lifts offer the following benefits:

  • Fewer People Required:  While “internal guidelines” at an organization, facility, or institution may require two people (beyond the immobile individual) to operate a ceiling lift system, such systems can be operated safely by one assister. This means if you are your loved one’s sole or primary caregiver, you can safely lift and transfer your loved one without the need for help from another assister. You’ll no longer need to wait for another family member or friend to arrive or be available to help you get your loved one where they need to go. In addition, some models of ceiling lifts can be operated by the disabled individual themselves, so they can independently self-transfer.
  • No Waiting: Related to the above, ceiling lifts provide dignity by eliminating or reducing wait times for transfer. If and when a disabled individual wants or needs to access the bathroom to use the toilet or to bathe, they don’t have to wait until there are several family members and friends around to help lift and move them, or for the most physically fit/strongest family member or friend to be available.
  • A Change In Scenery/Greater Privacy: In keeping with the above benefit, if the disabled individual’s lack of mobility has required them to use bed pans or be bathed in bed to-date because of the inability of caregivers to lift or move him or her, a sense of privacy and new independence can be enjoyed by the individual because now basic needs can be taken care of in the bathroom vs. at their bed. Plus, the ability to access other rooms, such as bathrooms, living rooms, or family rooms will provide a much-needed change of scenery from their bed.
  • Transfer From Wheelchair To Bed: In addition to supporting safe and easy transfer from room to room, ceiling lift systems allow for easy transfer from wheelchair to bed and vice versa.
  • No Risk Of Caregiver Injury: Caregivers who help a disabled individual raise out of the bed and/or access other rooms of their home don’t have to be concerned about becoming disabled themselves, i.e., putting out their backs, necks, shoulders, knees, etc., because of the strains on their own bodies of lifting and transporting an immobile loved one. In sum, ceiling lifts keep everyone safe!

Ceiling Lifts Don’t Have To Look Institutional Or Require Permanent Installation

As we call out in the “Products In Action” section on the homepage of our website, homes fitted with ceiling lift systems don’t have to cry out to visitors that a disabled individual lives there. Check out the video in that section that features the Surehands® patient lift system we offer that is more aesthestically pleasing and has a quieter motor.

And, readers will be pleased to know that patient lift systems don’t require that ceiling tracks be installed permanently on ceilings. In cases, where ceiling tracks can’t be installed, portable, free-standing options, such as Freedom Bridge, are available to offer safe, easy transfer of disabled individuals and the same sense of freedom that comes with an installed ceiling lift system.

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