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For 30 years, we’ve been blessed to work with individuals, families, and organizations (such as group homes, school, and equine-assisted service centers) to ensure that those living with disability or wanting to age in place can do so safely, while enjoying as much independence as possible. The ongoing praise and shows of appreciations we’ve received throughout the years indicate that our customers enjoy and feel very comfortable working with us, plus benefit greatly from the various patient lift and other durable medical equipment (DME) we put in place in their homes or facilities.

Identifying The Right Durable Medical Equipment And Patient Lift Provider

We know that your own health and safety, or that of a loved one or program participant, is priceless and that making a decision regarding whom to help you identify and install the most appropriate and beneficial safety and transport equipment is difficult. Of course, you want to make the right/best decision when making this very important one! To help you in your decision-making regarding which patient equipment provider to hire to install a patient lift, pool/spa lift, or chair lift, or to provide other DME, we’re sharing some of the common themes across customer feedback Lift & Care Systems has received regarding both the products we offer and the service we deliver.

  • Exceptional Products. The various patient lift and durable medical equipment products you provide are reliable, high-quality, functional/useful. We love that all the lines of products that you offer like Surehands®, Bruno ®, Aqua Creek ™ and National Ramps ® are extremely well-made, innovative, and safe-to-use. And, we also love the fact that within lines, there are options to meet any particular need, including some products that are portable and don’t need to be permanently installed.
  • Improved Life Quality For Both Loved Ones and Caregivers. Your products provide independence, dignity, and confidence, and make daily care tasks easier, and all of that supports improved mental and physical health. My loved one or program participant isn’t the only one who’s benefitted from your outstanding products and services – as a caregiver, my life quality and health has improved as well.
  • Feeling Understood/Heard. Living with disability yourself or being the caregiver of someone who lives with disability and/or who wants to age in place can be very isolating. One can often feel like no-one else understands our daily challenges, but your team made us feel heard and understood. You took the time to listen to, understand, and acknowledge our specific challenges and needs – in sum, you really wanted to know the details and history of our particular “story” and what our daily life looks like. And, you made us feel comfortable sharing some deeply personal information about our challenges.
  • Customization/Personalization. Your team took the time to understand which of your products and services would work best for me, my loved one, or program participants. You didn’t just “push product.” You took the time to outline and demonstrate what products and services might make the most sense, based on size of rooms and set-up/lay-out of our home and facility, anticipated length of stay in home or facility, and other logistics.
  • Outstanding Customer Service. Both your on-site/in-person and phone service are exceptional. Your team members are polite, helpful, punctual, and very knowledgeable. At every point of contact with the organization and in every step of the process of identifying and installing the right equipment, we were treated with respect and received prompt, timely service. We’ve been thrilled that the service we’ve received post-installation of equipment has been as exceptional as the service we received prior to and during installation.
  • Family Feeling. Your team made me and my family, or our organization, feel like we were your family – someone we can trust and turn to at a minute’s notice with any questions, concerns, or new needs we might have related to patient lift/transport needs and other DME and safety needs. Your team puts us at ease, so we never feel any question we ask is a dumb one nor uncomfortable voicing a concern. You’ll remain our “go-to” team for any safety or transport needs because of how you treat us like family.
  • Load Lightening/Peace of Mind. Knowing that we were in the hands of caring professionals, we felt we could take something off our plate, and put it in yours, and that our own or our loved one’s needs related to safety and transport would be in good hands. Ultimately, your products and high service level, make us feel less stressed.

Repeat Business and Referrals From Our Customers Are A Tribute to Our Outstanding Products And Service

While we love receiving and welcome feedback from our clients, the fact that existing customers regularly reach out to us to address new patient lift and safety equipment needs for themselves, loved ones, or program participants and/or that satisfied customers pass our contact information on to other friends, family members, and organizations reinforces that our customers are very pleased with our product offerings and the service they receive from us.

We Strive To Be The Best Provider Of Patient Lift and DME Equipment

We are grateful for the praise/positive reviews and referrals. And, of course, if there is something a customer thinks we could be doing better, we want to hear that too, so we can continue to offer the best service and products among providers of patient lift and other DME. We are always striving to be the best and to do better!

Want to Let Us Know How We Are Doing/Sing Our Praises?

Certainly you can e-mail or call the team at Lift & Care Systems to provide your thoughts on our products or services, but you can also provide a Google review. Favorable Google reviews support other individuals, families, and organizations who would benefit from our products and services more easily finding us thru a Google search, so we hope you’ll make and take the time to write one!

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The team of disability & aging in place experts and durable medical specialists at Lift & Care Systems has been helping individuals living with disability in MA, CT, and RI enjoy the best quality of life and greater independence for almost 30 years. Our skilled team can install and teach you how to correctly use one or several of the following types of products that help both seniors and disabled individuals enjoy more freedom and a higher quality of life: ceiling liftsbody support & slingsstaircase lift chairswheelchair rampsbathroom safety for seniors, mobile liftspool liftsvertical platform liftsaccessible showers, wall-to-wall patient lifts.

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