Why You Should Only Employ The Services Of Experienced, Well-Established Durable Medical Equipment Providers

Whether you’re a representative of a school, day program, or group home, or you’re an individual, who is looking to renovate or repair existing durable medical equipment (DME) – or purchase and install new equipment – it’s so important to give great thought to the provider whom you engage for such services.

We believe you should consider the following when choosing a DME service provider for your school, day program, group home, or private residence:

  • Size and Longevity. How long has the provider been in business and what is the size of their organization and staff? Are they well-established with 10+ years’ experience, and therefore, one who will likely still be in business when you need patient lift, stair lift, pool lift, or other durable medical equipment inspections, repairs, or updates?
  • Reputation. What is the quality of any reviews or testimonials on the provider’s social media profiles, Google My Business/Google Maps, and/or their website?
  • Innovativeness. Related to the above, does the provider make an effort to keep their website current and comprehensive and do they maintain an active social media presence?
    • If a provider isn’t staying relevant by employing current digital technology, it could mean they aren’t good at educating themselves and taking advantage of DME best practices and latest innovation.
  • Understanding of Your Specific Needs. Does the provider make the time to understand the nature of the developmental and/or physical disabilities that your facility’s residents, or that you or a loved one, live with, and thus, able to recommend what durable medical equipment will most support residents or you or your loved one living the best quality of life?
  • Breadth of Products/Services. Can the provider service and inspect any products they sell? Can they train you or your staff on how to safely operate any DME, such as a ceiling track lift system, patient lift, spa/pool lift, or staircase lift chair that they sell you? Can they offer you several of the products and services you’ll need, such as the aforementioned, vs. just one?

DME Service Provider With Longevity & Experience

Lift & Care Systems has been pleased and proud to offer durable medical equipment services to schools, day programs, group homes, and individuals for more than 29 years. And, as a family-run business employing two generations, we expect to continue to offer the most innovative and beneficial new durable medical equipment, as well as service, update, and inspect existing DME, for years and years to come.

Any products we sell, we can install, inspect and service. Plus, we can teach you or your staff to use that durable medical equipment properly.

Does Old Durable Medical Equipment Need Updating?

Feeling like you’re stuck with old, poor-performing DME, such as a ceiling lift system? Even if Lift & Care Systems wasn’t the original provider/installer of your group home’s durable medical equipment, we can likely help you update any of your poor-functioning lift systems. For example, we can replace old rollers in an existing ceiling track system with new higher-performance ones. Watch the video found on the left-hand side of our track-to-track motor page to see modern, innovative rollers in action! And, don’t hesitate to reach out to learn about other ways we can help improve aging DME performance and appearance.

Providing Peace of Mind Is One Of Our Biggest Priorities and We're Here To Help 

The team of aging in place experts and durable medical specialists at Lift & Care Systems has been helping seniors and their families/caregivers related to aging in place in MA, CT, and RI for close to 30 years. We’ve also been working collaboratively with schools, day programs, and group homes in the aforementioned states to meet the DME needs of their facilities and their residents for the same duration. Our skilled team can install and teach you how to correctly use one or several of the following types of products that help both seniors and disabled individuals enjoy more freedom/independence and a higher quality of life: ceiling liftsbody support & slingsstaircase lift chairswheelchair rampsbathroom safety for seniors, mobile liftspool liftsvertical platform liftsaccessible showers, wall-to-wall patient lifts.

Contact us today for a free consultation about how we can help you and your loved one related to accessibility and safety durable medical equipment (DME) needs.


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