Worry Less In 2022 By Putting These 6 Senior Safety Measures In Place For The New Year

“Aging in place” is becoming more and more the norm. Many seniors and their families find it more affordable and emotionally beneficial for themselves or a loved one to make accommodations to their home to allow them to continue to live there safely as they age. In many cases, the relatively small amount of time and money it takes to prepare a living space for safe aging in place pales in comparison to the time and costs involved in identifying and moving a senior to an assisted living place or other senior-living situations.

With a new year just around the corner, if you’re a caregiver, or simply the loved one of an elderly individual who worries about keeping a senior safe as they age in their own home, now’s the time to consider and investigate these measures, so you can fret less in 2022.

  1. Bathroom Grab Bars – we consider installing these in a senior’s home a no-brainer. There’s likely no elderly individual who wouldn’t benefit from having these bars to hold on to while showering/bathing and when getting in and out of showers and tubs. If you’re looking to help a senior age in place, grab bars are a must to ensure bathroom safety. As you’ll see, there’s numerous, easy-to-install options to fit your particular needs.
  2. Bath Boards – for seniors committed to aging in place, these provide the perfect solution for those who don’t have the strength or ability to stand while showering/bathing, or who are simply afraid of slipping/falling in a tub or shower. And, they’re easy to install/use and remove when not in use – perfect for seniors who don’t want to make it obvious to visitors that they require this type of bathing or showering support.
  3. Bathroom SuperPole™ -- these poles which provide a vertical bar to grab/hold onto that runs floor to ceiling are another ideal and easy way to keep an elderly parent, grandparent, sibling, friend, aunt, or uncle safe.
  4. Bedroom SuperPole™ With SuperBar™ – bedroom – not just bathroom – falls are quite common for seniors. When you install a SuperPole, which serves the purpose of multiple grab bars, in a senior’s bedroom, you’ll get the peace of mind of knowing that they are far less likely to fall when getting in or out of bed – or doing so in another area of the bedroom where you install it.
  5. Staircase Lift Chairs – whether you refer to them as the aforementioned, stair chairs, or stair lift chairs – installing such accessibility DME in an elderly individual’s home is critical to senior safety/home safety if your loved one lives in a multi-level apartment or home. As you’ll see, there are options to fit all styles and sizes of staircases.
  6. Removal of Furniture, Rugs, or Other Items That Could Cause Tripping – whether it be in the bathroom, bedroom, or another room of your favorite senior’s home or apartment, make the time to visit and assess the home for items that might lead to your loved one’s falling, tripping, or slipping, such as: small area/throw rugs, furniture that is placed too close to other furniture and makes it difficult to navigate a room, small step stools or other objects low-in-height (including piles of magazines and newspapers) that might be overlooked as seniors travel around a room or from one room to another. Get more detail and other ideas for creating a safe living space for seniors here.

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